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Dance Planner Co., Ltd.

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Donguk Kim (김동욱)



develop our business for dancers and partners.

Company Audition Management 

Service for dancers who are interested in joining worldwide dance companies, since 2016.

35 dancers have used this management and receive 25 contracts. 

‘Dancers can focus on audition without worrying after getting off the airplane.’  We do total management.

A.D.A. |  Asia Dance Audition in Korea

The outstanding talents of dancers in Korea and Asia have already been proven at various international competitions.

T.B.M.C.  |  Top of the Ballet Master Classes 

It is designed for the dancers who dream a professional dancer.

We encourage talented dancers to become a global dancer beyond Korea.


International Partnership

We made partnership with various dance companies for future business.
The door is always open for future partners want to cooperate each other.  We do our best to provide dancers& companies to more possibility.

Performance Agency

We invite the company to perform a gala and whole performance in Korea.
We find performance opportunities, through cooperation with 247 theaters in Korea.
* Performance planning takes two years and adjusts mutually.

Previous work: 21~22th, SEP, 2018
Ballet Star Gala show in Seogwipo Art center, Korea
Adam Zvonar& Radka Prihodova from Czech National Ballet


under organizing.

Short-term Training in Global Dance Companies

Visiting the global dance companies in Europe or the Americas in short-term for dance training.

Participants can visit maximun 3 companies for about 2 months.

It is made up of “Tour the company + Join classes  + Watching Rehearsal & Performance”

Participant can experience various styles of the companies.

under organizing.

School Audition Management 

Service for Korean and Asian dancers who want to join world-wide dance schools.

Dancers whose age is in from junior school to high school are available.

It will launched in the first half of 2019

We are refining the foundation to manage all the courses for the audition.


Dance Planner Co., Ltd. 


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